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SIOA Promotes “Jewish” Division of English Defence League (EDL)

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) supports our universal human rights of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, and freedom of worship for all people.  R.E.A.L. rejects hatred and rejects the activities of those who seek to promote hatred towards identity groups and specific religions.

On Sunday July 18, 2010, the SIOA Executive Director of the Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) group called for Jewish Americans to support the “English Defence League – Jewish Division.”  Another SIOA supporter stated that a “there is a group like this starting in the US!”   The SIOA Executive Director Pamela Geller has promoted the efforts of the English Defence League (EDL) numerous times on her Atlas Shrugs website.

SIOA Executive Director Promotes English Defence League (EDL) Group (Photo: Facebook)

SIOA Executive Director Promotes English Defence League (EDL) Group (Photo: Facebook)

In June 2010, the Jewish Chronicle reported how the English Defence League (EDL) is seeking to recruit new Jewish members.  Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told the Jewish Chronicle: “The EDL’s supposed ‘support’ for Israel is empty and duplicitous. It is built on a foundation of Islamophobia and hatred which we reject entirely. Sadly, we know only too well what hatred for hatred’s sake can cause. The overwhelming majority will not be drawn in by this transparent attempt to manipulate a tense political conflict.”

R.E.A.L. has previously reported on the English Defence League (EDL) in our June 1, 2010 posting, “UK and Europe Mosque Protests,” and in other reports.  In our April 2010 report on EDL clashes with police over mosque. The Daily Mail reported on the EDL protesters “pulling down fences and barging their way past riot police officers… “Lines of riot police officers fought running battles with protesters as they tried to contain the mob who pulled down barriers blocking off roads.”  The Daily Mail reported “Nick Mainwood, 42, from Oldbury, West Midlands, said he tried to help an elderly woman who suffered a panic attack during the protest.He said: ‘I came down here for a peaceful protest but it was horrible, absolutely horrible.'”

Clashes: English Defence League protesters break through barriers during a demonstration through the streets of Dudley  (Photo: Daily Mail/PA Wire - David Jones)

Clashes: English Defence League protesters break through barriers during a demonstration through the streets of Dudley (Photo: Daily Mail/PA Wire - David Jones)

At the beginning of May 2010, masked EDL supporters took over the rooftop of a building in May, according to Dudley News.

On May 28, 2010, the UK Guardian newspaper also reported on plans for future EDL protests at “Muslim centers,” including East London Mosque, Tower Hamlets, and Bradford this summer. The May 28 reports highlight a growing sense of anti-Muslim hatred, rage, and violence which is growing in the United Kingdom and which is targeting Muslims and Islamic houses of worship.  Video of the English Defence League showed a violent, hate-filled, and obscene members making threats against others.

On July 19, 2010, the Birmingham Mail reported on another EDL violent protest in Dudley.  According to the Birmingham Mail, “Violence flared as police attempted to get the protesters back on to buses at the end of the demonstration with EDL supporters throwing bricks and metal security fences at riot police.”  According to the Mail, “Several shops and cars in the town were damaged and police said they would trawl through hours of CCTV footage to find the offenders.”  The Dudley News reported that “A total of 21 arrests were made during the day, including 17 for violent disorder, two for affray, one for a public order offense and one for possessing an offensive weapon.”  Dudley council leader Anne Millward condemned the EDL protesters and stated “We are saddened Dudley has again been targeted by the EDL… Yet again this group of outside extremists have shown they are incapable of demonstrating peacefully and have brought public disorder and violence to our town.”



On July 22, 2010, British police arrested English Defence League leaders on suspicion of a plotting a bomb attack on a British mosque.

On July 28, 2010, the UK Sun reported that:

“ARMED police opened fire on a van as they swooped on a far-right group suspected of plotting to blow up a mosque. Cops used special tyre deflation rounds to disable a Ford Escort van driven by English Defence League official John Broomfield. Officers smashed a window and hauled the suspect out while he was stuck in traffic near the picturesque tourist spot of Corfe Castle, Dorset.”

“Police then raided Mr Broomfield’s home in nearby Swanage and seized computer equipment, mobile phones and passports. Five more English Defence League members and another person were also arrested in simultaneous raids at several addresses. The suspects were questioned about an alleged conspiracy to bomb a mosque in Bournemouth. All were later released without charge.”

“Police confirmed details of the arrests. A spokesman added: ‘At this stage there is no indication that mosques in Dorset are under threat of attack.'”

Additional reports:

BBC: Seven arrested over Bournemouth mosque ‘bomb plot’

Guardian: Police in Dorset arrest EDL member accused over suspected bomb plot


Note despite the EDL arrests, the SIOA Executive Director continues to support and promote the EDL after the arrests.

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) condemns such calls for hatred against any identity group, any religion, and R.E.A.L. rejects calls by those who seek to deny anyone’s freedom of religion and freedom of worship.  R.E.A.L. rejects those who call for violence and who support violent protest organizations.

We urge all those who hate to release the burden of hate from their hearts, and respect their fellow human beings and our universal human rights.

We urge all to Choose Love, Not Hate – Love Wins.