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Stormfront Members Praise Austin Terrorist as “Hero,” Call for More Terrorist Attacks on America

“White nationalist hate group” Stormfront members are praising the terrorist attack by Joseph Stack on the Austin, Texas IRS building on February 18, 2010.  The terrorist attack resulted in the death of a black American Vernon Hunter, who was an IRS employee and a Vietnam veteran.

Terrorist Attack on Austin, Texas IRS Office (Photo: Jana Birchum, Getty Images)

Terrorist Attack on Austin, Texas IRS Office (Photo: Jana Birchum, Getty Images)

Stormfront members have a history of seeking mass-casualty terrorist attacks against black Americans and Barack Obama, praising a terrorist who attacked the United States as a “martyr,” committing violence against police, reportedly calling for assassination of Barack Obama, praising the 9/11 terrorists, and defending Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

In the case of the Austin terror attack by Joseph Stack on February 18 that resulted in the murder of black American Vernon Hunter, Stormfront members repeatedly praised terrorist Stack as a “hero,” a “minuteman,” called for him to get a Nazi medal of honor, and called for a holiday in his honor.

In addition, they called for more and larger terrorist attacks on U.S. IRS and federal buildings, urging others to direct attacks towards Washington DC, hopefully with “bigger planes” in the future.

They mocked Vernon Hunter’s death as “an early retirement” and laughed that “there are no innocent IRS employees.”  The were pleased that “goyim” had picked “the proper targets for retribution,” and believed that “someone is likely to take on” the media, banks, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the next terrorist attacks.

They urged others to terrorism, asking “why wait to die?” They quoted Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf, and called for “death to the ZOG beast!”

Specific comments in praise of the Austin terrorist attack from members of the “white nationalist hate group” Stormfront, included comments (shown as screen shots) such as:

“The Guy is a true HERO!!!”

“God bless him – a true hero”

“This was quite heroic”

“Joe Stack and Epic Beard Man – Heroes in my lifetime.  We have been slaves of ZOG.  People are awakening.  Whites shall be free again.”

“Call him a minuteman.” then goes on to address “race differences in intelligence: an evolutionary analysis”

“I wonder how many plane crashes it would require to take down the IRS?”  then write “Whites are the only true people of color.”

“If 10,000 people threw themselves at IRS buildings, would that cause the IRS to change its ways?”… then praises the 9/11 terrorists and Oklahoma City terrorist Timothy McVeigh’s attack in 1995.

“White America needs a Joe Stack Commemoration Holiday!”

regarding the murder of Vernon Hunter in the terrorist attack “Just consider that an early retirement!” and “We are our own Media now!!!”

Calls to give the terrorist Stack a posthumous “Charles Lindbergh” or “Friend of the Luftwaffe” medal, urging others to “kill the Fed”

asking “are there ANY innocent IRS employees???”

one poster urging violent individuals to “take it directly to the source in DC”

complaining that the terrorist Stack violence was not enough, and “He needed a bigger plane”

“Darn shame that this guy didn’t have his own private 747 somewhere”

“He is not a terrorist the government is a terrorist… [which the poster then describes as a] “ZOG” [“Zionist Occupied Government”]

“I think the man did a Just action”

“How many more will have to snap before the masses of White Americans wake up to our plight?  How many more will have to make the ultimate sacrifice?”

mocking the threat against the IRS employees, saying IRS employees should “make sure you watch for incoming planes…” and then he quotes Adolf Hitler

“The goyim have actually selected the proper targets for retribution”

“Someone is likely to take on the media next.  Banks too.  Or maybe the SPLC and the ADL.”

“Pretty nice sized fire I noticed there.  Looked very hot. Looked hotter than the Tower fire.  It must be a miracle.”  (then quoted Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf)

“I would imagine anyone who ‘copy cats’ this will think things through better, do far more damage, and may live to fight again another day”

“We old White men have nothing left to lose; we have lived most of our lives out so why wait to die?”

“thanks for going out with a bang.. the jewish… center was only about a mile away… DEATH TO THE ZOG BEAST”

In addition, one Stormfront member “Suepeace” who has a “Stormfront radio show,” referenced an ABC article that mentioned Stormfront members’ praise for Joseph Stack, stating “Thanks for the free publicity.” “Suepeace” goes on to state in another posting on Stormfront “No such thing as bad publicity.”

Right above her posting thanking ABC for its article on Stormfront’s praise of the terrorist attack in Austin, Texas, was an advertisement for Stormfront leader Derek Black’s radio show on WPBR-AM in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Last week, Stormfront was promoting the “American Renaissance” conference in the Washington DC area that was canceled.


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