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VDARE Friend Richard Spencer Starts New Group “Alternative Right”

A “friend” of the “white nationalist” “hate group” VDARE, Richard Spencer has started a new group called the “Alternative Right.” Richard Spencer, was formerly an editor with, where he wrote articles such as “White Like Us,” and a writer for the American Conservative where he wrote to condemn racial diversity programs in colleges.  With “Alternative Right,” Richard Spencer begins by attacking “his enemies,” and cataloging Alternative Right contributors’ criticism of “Hispanic Crime.”

Richard Spencer - Former TakiMag Editor, Now Leader of "Alternative Right"

Richard Spencer - Former TakiMag Editor, Now Leader of "Alternative Right"

The DC Northern Virginia-based VDARE “hate group” has been seeking donations and promoting for the “Alternative Right” group and web site.   Richard Spencer is located in Brooklyn, New York, but has spent years working in the Washington DC area.

On “Alternative Right,” Richard Spencer has included writers such as VDARE contributor Steve Sailer, VDARE contributor Paul Gottfried (Gottfried: “Did Pre-MLK America Really Need Redemption?”),  and “Youth for Western Civilization” (YWC) leader Kevin DeAnna.  On October 31 and November 1, 2009, Richard Spencer appeared with these VDARE contributors as well as Patrick Buchanan, and YWC’s Kevin DeAnna as speakers at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland of the “H.L. Mencken Club,” where Steve Sailer used his “keynote address” to attack “liberal Jews” and racial diversity.  Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) was outside the event protesting VDARE’s history of racist comments.

Steve Sailer’s first contribution with the “Alternative Right” was an article “The Dispossessed Elite” which bemoans “the rise of the Jews.” Steve Sailer is known as a racial IQ commentator, who condemns the intelligence of blacks, and who used the Hurricane Katrina disaster to belittle the “native judgment” of black Americans, who Sailer said “need stricter moral guidance from society.”

One of Richard Spencer’s first articles was to address “AltRight and Its Enemies,” complaining about articles by Imagine 2050 and Tim Mak on the new “Alternative Right” organization.  In Richard Spencer’s article on his “enemies,” he praises the rebuttal to Tim Mak by “Hunter Wallace” of the anti-Semitic, white nationalist Occidental Dissent group.  Richard Spencer publishes “Hunter Wallace’s” comments and Wallace’s support for “Alternative Right,” where “Hunter Wallace” states: “We support what they are doing.”   Occidental Dissent’s mission is “the creation of a Jew-free, racially exclusive White ethnostate in North America.”  This is the same “Hunter Wallace” who seeks a Southern white “ethnostate” and who also admires Adolf Hitler.  “Hunter Wallace” praises Richard Spencer as the “acknowledged leader” and the “William F. Buckley of this social movement.”  The leader of the anti-Semitic, white nationalist Occidental Dissent group “Hunter Wallace” also views that “Alt Right is emerging as a popular internet watering hole where we can interact and share ideas.”

"Alternative Right" Richard Spencer Thanks Occidental Dissent's "Hunter Wallace" for Defending Him

"Alternative Right" Richard Spencer Thanks Occidental Dissent's "Hunter Wallace" for "Skillfully" Defending Him

In Richard Spencer’s interview with Tim Mak, Spencer states that he feels that some libertarian politicians have failed to address issues on “America as a Western European or Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation” and that paleo-conservatism has failed to address “human biological diversity.”  The topic of “human biological diversity” (or “HBD” as the “race realists” refer to it) is a code phrase for racists to use racial IQ analyses to rationalize belittling black Americans.  “Alternative Right” contributor Steve Sailer has focused on this subject, as has “white nationalist” leader of the American Renaissance group Jared Taylor.  In January 2010, the Occidental Dissent believed that such focus on “HBD” would become an area of emphasis for Richard Spencer’s new “Alternative Right.”   In fact, Alternative Right’s blog has an entire category on “HBD” — “because people are different.”

While he was with TakiMag, Alternative Right’s Richard Spencer had invited “white nationalist” American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor to write for TakiMag, leading to Jared Taylor’s article “Whiteout” condemning “racial mixing” and seeking whites to start “sticking up for their rights as white people.”

One of the first Internet “radio”  portions of Alternative Right is, not surprisingly, an interview “Banned in DC” with “white nationalist” American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor bemoaning DC area hotels choosing not to host his “white nationalist” conference to belittle black and Hispanic Americans.

Alternative Right Interviews White Nationalist Leader Jared Taylor

Alternative Right Interviews White Nationalist Leader Jared Taylor

The promotion of Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right includes both podcasts and a Facebook page.  On the Alternative Right Facebook page, his “fans” include activists and “fans” of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC),  the white nationalist “New Century Foundation (American Renaissance),” the racist “National Policy Institute,” the anti-semitic “American Free Press,” the Confederate States of America, and other Facebook groups.

Along with his fans on the Alternative Right Facebook page, Richard Spencer is also a “fan” of the white nationalist “American Third Position (A3P),” led by white supremacist William Daniel Johnson and anti-Semite Kevin B. MacDonald,whose logo prominently includes Nazi apologist Charles Lindbergh on the front page. A3P’s William Daniel Johnson is the author of the so-called “Pace Amendment” that seeks to revoke citizenship rights for black Americans by calling for the repeal of the 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution (making freed slaves into citizens and prohibiting the denial of the right to vote based on race).  A3P’s William Daniel Johnson’s “Pace Amendment,” in part calls for “No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood… Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.”

Richard Spencer also describes himself as a fan of Craig Bodeker (who was a scheduled speaker at the white nationalist American Renaissance conference),  “Epic Beard Man” (white man filmed in violent attack on a black man on a bus praised by racists), anti-feminist Spearhead,, VlaamsBelang,, and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.  Richard Spencer has clearly indicated the activists that he is interested in reaching with his “Alternative Right” campaign.

Robert Weissberg posts on the Alternative Right website about “The Siren Song of Diversity,” stating that “the public sector transformation means going from blacks being governed by whites to whites, save at the highest administrative levels, being governed by blacks. In other words, yesterday’s short-order cook is today’s assistant school principal or IRS supervisor.”

In addition, YWC’s Kevin DeAnna republishes an article at “The Alternative Right” that he wrote for TakiMag in July 2009, which portrays the American Flag as merely white and black – just as he did in the TakiMag article.

Alternative Right's Kevin DeAnna's View of America - One that is Only White and Black

Alternative Right's Kevin DeAnna's View of America - One Without Colors

Additional information on Alternative Right group members:

— According to Imagine 2050 on the Alternative Right group, “The contributing editors of also have strong ties to white nationalist and anti-immigrant groups. Richard Hoste is an author for the white nationalist journal, The Occidental Quarterly. Srdja Trifkovic is a regular contributor and Center for International Affairs and foreign-affairs editor to the white nationalist publication Chronicles. Derek Turner is a contributor to The Social Contract and attended the 2006 American Renaissance Conference. Robert Weissberg is a contributing editor for Family Security Matters and attended the 2000 American Renaissance Conference. Christian Kopff has written for both The Occidental Quarterly and The Social Contract. Thomas E. Woods Jr. is a contributing editor for The American Conservative.”


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