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California: “White Nationalist” Led Group to Run Candidates Nationwide — American Third Position (A3P)

SPLC reports on a new political organization the “American Third Position (A3P)” led by white supremacist William Daniel Johnson,whose logo prominently includes Nazi apologist Charles Lindbergh on the front page.

On January 5, 2010, OC Weekly reported that A3P had listed its mission statement as: “The American Third Position exists to represent the political interests of White Americans.”  R.E.A.L. notes that this is how the A3P mission statement is described on its promotion by the “American White Pride Network” (AWPN).  The American White Pride Network encourages links to “nationalist news feeds” from: American Renaissance, Stormfront, Western Voices World News, White Civil Rights.  A3P is promoted by the Neo-Nazi Stormfront group and the white supremacist Occidental Dissent.

SPLC reports

— “The co-founder of the American Third Position (ATP), white supremacist Los Angeles lawyer William Daniel Johnson, says his new California-based group plans to run as many candidates for political office around the country as it can muster.”

— “In an interview with Hatewatch last week, Johnson said that he intended to qualify ‘high-level people,’ meaning prominent white nationalists, for campaigns on the ATP ticket in a large number of states. He did not elaborate on what states or offices, or precisely when, but said that that would be decided in coming months.”

— “ATP was created last October. It was reportedly brought together by members of Freedom 14, a racist skinhead group in Orange County, Calif., who initially formed a group called the Golden State Party to run candidates. But that group collapsed when reports surfaced about the criminal past of its leader, and so the Freedom 14 members decided to create a replacement group — the American Third Position.”

— “For his part, Johnson is a long-time racist activist. In 1985, he wrote a book under the pseudonym James O. Pace called Amendment to the Constitution. It proposed a constitutional amendment to repeal the 14th and 15th amendments (respectively, making freed slaves citizens, and prohibiting the denial of the right to vote based on race) and replace them with the ‘Pace Amendment.’ That amendment would only have allowed whites ‘in whom there is no discernible trace of Negro blood’ to be U.S. citizens. Hispanic whites, Johnson added in a generous moment, might also be granted citizenship, but only if their ‘appearance [is] indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe.'”

When “Bill” Johnson ran as a judge in Los Angeles County in April 2008, the Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported on his history as “James O. Pace,” and his call to revoke the 14th and 15th Amendment from the U.S. Constitution, via the “Pace Amendment.” The Metropolitan News-Enterprise described Bill Johnson as “a white supremacist who has advocated the deportation of non-whites from the United States.”

The OC Weekly reports that Bill Johnson “tried peddling his Pace Amendment to various white-power organizations, including the National Alliance and the Aryan Nations. (a 1986 report noted that Johnson and other delegates to that year’s World Aryan Congress ‘opened the meeting by giving the traditional Nazi salute as the Aryan Nations’ flag — a swastika slashed by a sword — was raised’).”

"Bill Johnson" Leader of "American Third Position" -- aka James O. Pace (Photo: OC Weekly)

"Bill Johnson" Leader of "American Third Position" -- aka James O. Pace (Photo: OC Weekly)

OC Weekly also reported that Long Beach State psychology professor Kevin MacDonald is “now partnering with local skinheads and a notorious racist lawyer to create a new political party modeled after England’s fascist British National Party, a new party created explicitly to oppose and deport non-whites.”

R.E.A.L. notes that A3P claims that it is conducting a door-to-door campaign in Southern California, stating on January 18: “Splitting into two 2-man teams, the group was able to cover about 100 homes, before retiring to a speaking engagement put on by a local Nationalist group.”  White supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leader David Duke’s blog has promoted A3P’s activism in California.

In addition to its website, A3P has developed a Facebook site to also recruit new members.

We support our unqualified, universal human rights for all.  We urge white supremacist and “white nationalist” supporters to drop the burden of the hate of supremacism from their hearts, and to rejoin the family of humanity in support of our universal human rights.  Choose Love, Not Hate.