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Pakistan – ICC report on rape of Christian minority girl

ICC reports:
“International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on August 15, a Muslim man kidnapped and raped an 8th grade Christian girl in Pakistan.”
“Muhammad Akmal, accompanied by Khurshid Bibi, kidnapped Fouzia and took her to his farmhouse where he repeatedly raped her for two days. He released her only after threatening to kill her if she told anyone that she had been kidnapped and raped.”
“Salam Masih, Fouzia’s brother, told ICC that they reported the incident to the local police, but the police have not yet apprehended Muhammad, who is an influential landlord in the district of Toba Tek Singh.”
“Rana Ahmed Hassan, a police officer from the district, told ICC that Muhammed had fled from the village, but the police were doing their best to apprehend him.”
“Christian minorities in Pakistan are easy targets for harassment and attacks due to discriminatory laws that relegate them to the level of second-class citizens. In the past two months alone, 12 Christians were murdered by Muslims. The government of Pakistan has repeatedly failed to protect Christians from attacks and violence.”