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Indonesia: Christian congregation threatened with sticks, protests – every Sunday – for praying

Congregation finds it hard to worship and pray in peace”
— Jakarta Post reports:

— “In Pisangan Jaya, Tangerang, Banten, congregation leader Bedali Hulu has lived in anxiety for the past two months ago, as dozens of members of Islam organizations confront him each time his congregation holds a Sunday prayer.”
— “Even though the extremists have yet to turn violent, their actions have intimidated Bedali and the 40 members of his Jakarta Baptist Christian Church (GKBJ), leading them to pray under pressure.”
— “‘How can we pray properly if there are a bunch of people screaming threatening words outside our church while we hold Sunday prayers?’ Bedali told The Jakarta Post recently.”
— “He says it was in 2005 when the protests against his congregation’s activities began to erupt.
‘We were in another place then, still in the same village,’ he said.”
— “‘Several members of Muslim groups ordered us to move because they didn’t want us praying there.'”
— “‘So we moved to keep them happy, but then another group of activists came and ordered us to move once again, and here we are now.'”
— “Asun, who lives across the street from the church, told the Post on Thursday he feared the protesters than the churchgoers.”
— “‘They come every Sunday, brandishing sticks and yelling ‘Allahuakbar’,’ he said. ‘If a brawl breaks out and our homes are damaged, who’ll take responsibility?'”

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