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(Turkey) Top court lenient on ‘honor killing’

(Turkey) Top court lenient on ‘honor killing’
— Istanbul: “The top appeals court has upheld a lower court’s decision to be lenient on those who are found guilty of honor killing because the two families in Diyarbakir involved in the case faced social estrangement if they had not acted as they did”
— As a result of a rumor that a woman was having an affair, “her husband’s family decided to murder the girl and ordered the 16-year-old brother of the husband to do the deed, hoping the courts would be lenient toward him because of his age”
— “The 16-year-old was given an unregistered gun by his mother, brother and uncle and told to shoot his sister-in-law. He shot her five times in the presence of other family members. His uncle checked the body and told the boy to shoot her a few more times to ensure she was dead.”

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