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American People’s Declaration of Rights

We hold these unchallengeable truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, without question, without restriction, and without qualification.  We are entitled to the same universal human rights, dignity, justice, security, and opportunity. We make this statement for all people within the United States of America, on this day, our historical Independence Day. We declare our united support for equality of such rights for all.  We declare it to be our patriotic responsibility to ensure the equality and liberty for all Americans.

We make this people’s declaration of rights as a standard both for this generation and those to follow, for the present and the future of the American people.  While we remember both our successes and failures of the past, we know that, without such shared rights, we cannot be a united nation. We know what the American people can accomplish when we share such rights together. We also know the injustices that can be had when such rights are denied.

This people’s declaration is an affirmation that we will take these steps together, as equal partners in this nation. Where such inequality exists today, we are and will be committed to end such inequality, because we know that we can never be a truly United States of America without true equality and liberty for all.

We understand that these truths are not only self-evident for Americans, but also are inherent rights for all people around the world, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the international treaties to ensure world unity on human rights and dignity.

We know that while we challenge injustice anywhere, we must be first responsible for ending injustice everywhere in the nation, OUR nation, our shared United States of America.