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Human Rights Change – Begins with An Outstretched Hand and Willingness to Discuss

For the record, Responsible for Equality And Liberty has NO ENEMIES.
There may be those who hate us, but we will not hate them back.
Hate is NOT the Answer. We do not promote hate.
We do not promote contempt. We do not promote violence.
We urge for change in human rights. We call for change in behavior.
But we do not hate our fellow human beings.

We promote equality, liberty, dignity, and responsibility for our shared human rights… with an outstretched hand.

When you look at the world that Hate is NOT the Answer, you need to think about Communication.

We cannot just talk to those we like and those like us.

Especially if we seek to achieve CHANGE, we need to talk and listen to those who hate us and those who have different values, even (especially) those who reject our shared universal human rights.

Responsible for Equality And Liberty rejects Communist China’s persecution of 1,379,000,000 fellow human beings.
But this does not mean we cannot and will not talk to Communist China to change.
At our first major public demonstration in 2009 at the Communist China embassy, we spent the entire day there with them.
We gave them every reason to consider change. We provided history of China, examples of Chinese culture, and urged them to consider the future.
We provided a full copy of the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights in Chinese.
They rejected our outreach, but we did and we continue to try, including writing in Chinese every week, and most days of the week.

R.E.A.L. has done the same to the Pakistan government, the Pakistan judiciary, Pakistan people, and Pakistan institutions regarding religious minorities and one another – even writing in Urdu.

R.E.A.L. has done the same for the North Korea government and North Korean people on the persecution and abuse of Korea people – writing in Korean to reach them.

R.E.A.L. has done the same for the Russian government and the Russian people – on many issues, including the challenges of the “managed democracy” and writing in Russian to reach them.

R.E.A.L. has done the same for the extremist Hizb ut-Tahrir. We have seen them face-to-face in Chicago, in Virginia, in other parts of the country. We have challenged their anti-democracy, and anti-equality views. But we have not hated them. We have given them the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and urged them that it was in their interest to accept human rights, democracy, and pluralism.

R.E.A.L. has done the same for the most committed white supremacists in America. When White Supremacists have come to threaten us, we have prayed for them. When White Supremacists have come to disrupt our public events, we did not offer an upraised fist, but like all, we offered an outstretched hand.

The idea that we can only offer an outretched hand to those we like and those like us, is not the the answer in working for human rights.

We need to talk. We need to listen. Especially to those who are different.

Our UNIVERSAL shared human rights are not simply just for those like us and those we like.

Our UNIVERSAL shared human rights are for everyone – especially those who are different.

We need to build a culture of human rights that can find a place to bring all of our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity together, to find solutions in peace, in dignity, in respect, in equality, and in human rights.

We are RESPONSIBLE for equality and liberty… beginning with our outstretched hand… especially when it is not popular, profitable, or “acceptable.”

Choose Love, Not Hate – Love Wins.