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Communist North Korea Threat of EMP and Nuclear Weapon to World Human Rights

R.E.A.L. Publicly Call for North Korea to Renounce its Nuclear Weapon Ambitions and Threats against the World Public

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has warned for many years of the human rights in Communist totalitarian North Korea. R.E.A.L. has reported about the North Korea concentration camps, starvation of vulnerable public and abandonment of children in North Korea. We have seen the singular focus of Communist North Korea’s development of weapons of mass destruction. North Korea’s primary ideologies is one of “tanil minjok” (pure race), which seeks a warlike “minjok” against the rest of the world.  This is an excuse for war by the North Korean dictator; it is not true and not based in reality. It similar to the same rationale that the Axis powers used during World War II.

Starving Orphans in Communist North Korea

R.E.A.L. calls upon responsible members of the North Korea society to bring an end to growing efforts at violence in their nation today.

R.E.A.L. Publicly Call for North Korea to Renounce its Nuclear Weapon Ambitions and Threats against the World Public

The current threat of a North Korea nuclear bomb or use of it as an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) device is a threat to the world. Not only are such nuclear bomb weapons a threat to world peace, the calls by the North Korea government to use such a weapon for a “super-powerful EMP attack” has the capability of threatening the lives of many more individuals, including those vulnerable individuals depended on the shared electrical grid dependent on such resources for their survival.

On September 3, 2017, the Government of North Korea (DPRK) made such a threat, using its KCNA news agency in a report entitled “Kim Jong Un Gives Guidance to Nuclear Weaponization.” In the report, the North Korea government stated that Communist dictator Kim Jong Un met ith “senior officials of the Department of Munitions Industry of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and scientists of the Nuclear Weapons Institute before being briefed on the details of nuclear weaponization. The institute recently succeeded in making a more developed nuke, true to the strategic intention of the WPK for bringing about a signal turn in nuclear weaponization.” It further stated: “The scientists further upgraded its technical performance at a higher ultra-modern level on the basis of precious successes made in the first H-bomb test. The H-bomb, the explosive power of which is adjustable from tens kiloton to hundreds kiloton, is a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack according to strategic goals.”

KNCA Text on September 3, 2017 with Communist North Korea Government Threat

Some “experts” told the New York Times, they are skeptical of the North Korea’s full “hydrogen bomb” level of testing.

While many believe this to be a threat targeted towards only the United States of America (U.S.A.), the reality is the Communist North Korea threat is a threat to world peace for all people and all nations. As recent research shows, the expanded North Korea threat will target all nations, both in nuclear strikes and possible EMP destruction. On July 21, 2017, North Korea fired a missile at an elevated trajectory of 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles) high and for a distance of 1,000 kilometers (621 miles). On a flatter, standard trajectory, this would be a significantly broader distance, up to 10,400 kilometers (6,500 miles), and some analysts believe North Korea is building capability for missile strike of 11,700 kilometers (7,250 miles).

Estimated Current Range of Communist North Korea Missiles Threat to World

A high-altitude EMP attack could be achieved by a nuclear weapon detonated at 30-400 kilometers altitude above the atmosphere. On July 21, 2017, the world discovered that this was definitely a possible threat by the Communist North Korean government, and one that it could possibly achieve quickly and without warning.

The North Korea September 3, 2017 threat to use a EMP and nuclear attack on the public is a massive threat of public human rights and safety, especially given the documented history of the North Korean government’s willingness to use Nazi-like crimes against humanity against their own citizens.

We must not exaggerate the danger of an EMP strike to every electronic device. But the threat of an EMP strike does not have meaningful testing in our modern age. The destruction of masses of vulnerable electrical grids, is not only an act of war, but also an act that would inevitably become an act of mass casualty terrorism, not in moments, but prolonged over months through societal and infrastruction distruption to vulnerable individuals.

The April 2008 “The Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the US from EMP Attack” states: “When a nuclear explosion occurs at high altitude, the EMP signal it produces will cover the wide geographic region within the line of sight of the detonation. This broad band, high amplitude EMP, when coupled into sensitive electronics, has the capability to produce widespread and long lasting disruption and damage to the critical infrastructures that underpin the fabric of U.S. society.”

The March 26, 2008 Congressional Research Service (CRS) report “High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and High Power Microwave (HPM) Devices: Threat Assessments” states: “Study for A HEMP attack directed against the Unites States continent might involve a one-megaton nuclear warhead, or a smaller one that is specially-designed, using a burst several hundred miles above the mid-western states to affect computers on both coasts. However, creating a HEMP effect over an area 250 miles in diameter, an example size for a battlefield, might only require a rocket with a modest altitude and payload capability that could loft a relatively small nuclear device. If a medium or higher range missile with a nuclear payload were launched from the deck of a freighter at sea, the resulting HEMP could reportedly disable computers over a widearea of the coastal United States.”

High Altitude EMP Impact – 1997 Study included in March 2008 CRS Report

Based on physics and mathematically assessments, MIT Engineering Graduate Dr. Jack Liu has assessed the following updated general formula, in a detailed technical study on this issue: “D = Y, where D is the maximum damage distance expressed in kilometers and Y is the yield of the blast in kilotons.”  Previous North Korea nuclear bomb tests were estimated at 20 kilotons.  EMP impacts would yield  an estimated EMP impacted area, per Dr. Liu, as follows: “a 20 KT bomb detonated at optimum height would have a maximum EMP damage distance of 20 km; a 1 MT (1,000 KT) bomb would damage out to 1,000 km”  (621 miles).   On September 3, 2017, initial studies by NORSAR came to the conclusion that the September 3, 2017 nuclear bomb had a damage yield of 120 kilotons.  If this NORSAR estimate of 120 KT is correct and Dr. Liu’s formula is correct, this would give the EMP threat of 120 km area (74 miles).  However, we have limited intelligence on the true range of such threats based on attacks at high altitudes.

At the time of posting, the issue of the seismic activity of the September 3, 2017 North Korea nuclear bomb test is not clear and not settled.  While NORSAR had estimated that the seismic event resulting from the North Korea nuclear bomb test as 5.8, US stated this (as did China) as 6.3, Japan as 6.1, Russia states as 6.4.  According to Arms Control analyst Jeffrey Lewis, he initially reported, “Just for reference: 5.6 is ~100 kilotons. 6.3 is a megaton. Just using Mb=4.05+.75Log(W). YMMV.” And further stated: “6.3 puts us up around a megaton. That would be a staged thermonuclear weapon folks.”  Many hours later, he came up with a wide range of kiloton ranges from 63 kilotons (KT) to 542 KT, based on the various calculations. He further explained the different types of equations.  (Note: Ankit Panda writes “seismic event magnitudes are measured on the moment magnitude scale. *Not* the Richter scale.”

Jeffrey Lewis review of different equations used in assessing Nuclear Bomb test based on seismic information


Initial Seismic Assessment of North Korea Nuclear Bomb Test (6.3), and Aftershock (4.1)


NORSAR estimated of Communist North Korea nuclear bomb blast

R.E.A.L. calls for global efforts to stop the aggressive campaign by Communist North Korea’s threatening the security and human rights of people around the world, including significant cooperation by China and Russia in ending this threat.

R.E.A.L. also calls for the North Korea people to stop such efforts at violence by their government and threats against the world.  Vulnerable individuals around the world are threatened by such aggressiveness.  We urge the North Korean people to stop the escalation of violence against the public human rights and security.

Choose Love, Not Hate.  Love Wins.