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Hitler and Nazi Continuing War on Children

Helpless Children Pay the Price for Unwillingness to Defy Nazism

Hitler and his white supremacist Nazi organization murdered over 1.5 million children. But this Nazi war against our vulnerable children was not the end of such crimes against humanity, which continues today. Is there any Evil darker in the human imagination than child genocide and moral corruption?

If we stand in support of the rights of our vulnerable children around the world, then we must also stand in defiance of those who would abuse them, torture them, and murder them, even in the face of those who would “normalize” such criminal terrorist groups, ideologies, figures, and their symbols which have attacked our children, and have led the genocide against our fellow human beings.

People of conscience must ostracize and forever condemn, without question, those cowardly terrorists, who would murder OUR CHILDREN, as well as their ideology and symbols. We cannot “normalize” them as “acceptable.” We cannot make terrorist child-killers into “comic figures” or “Internet memes.” The Nazi Absolute Evil DEMANDS our Absolute Rejection.

We must reject such Nazi terrorists, their leaders, and their symbols, involved in the worst crimes against humanity – attacking the most helpless among us – our children.

Children Awaiting Execution by Hitler's Nazi Einsatzgruppen -- Mobile Killing Units

Children Awaiting Execution by Hitler’s Nazi Einsatzgruppen — Mobile Killing Units

During the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis murdered an estimated 1.5 million children, which included 1.2 million Jewish children, as well as 300,000 non-Jewish children. The Nazi war on children also included Hitler’s plans to exterminate disabled children under his “T4” program, where he sent 5,000 disabled children believed to be going to hospitals to be poisoned, starved, or gassed. Such killings of helpless children began in 1939 and continued through the war.

Hitler's Nazis Murdered Over 5,000 Disabled Little Children

Hitler’s Nazis Murdered Over 5,000 Disabled Little Children

Hitler’s Nazi concentration camps murdered children from 1941 through 1944, when Allied troops started liberating camps in 1945. Jewish and Non-Jewish children from Germany and occupied territories were put on to “resettlement” trains for their extermination. Trainloads of children and their mothers, were rounded up, and sent to such Nazi death camps. Frequently, children were killed when they arrived at the death camps, particularly those who were too young to be used in slave labor. Children healthy enough to do labor were often worked to death. Some children died from disease in the appalling conditions of the concentration camps.


Jewish Children in Hitler's Nazi Death Camp

Jewish Children in Hitler’s Nazi Death Camp

Polish Children Sent to Hitler's Nazi Death Camps in Germany - Never to Return

Polish Children Sent to Hitler’s Nazi Death Camps in Germany – Never to Return

In the Auschwitz concentration camp, some children were medically experimented on, including experiments on child twins, by the Nazi monster Joseph Mengele.

Children Held in Auschwitz for Death and Medical Experimentation

Children Held in Auschwitz for Death and Medical Experimentation

Some children, such as Anne Frank, were hidden for a while or rescued. But teenager Anne Frank and her family was eventually arrested by the terrorist Nazis in 1944 and taken to Auschwitz and eventually transferred to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died from typhus.

In Anne Frank’s diary, the teenage child wrote from her hiding place before her capture: “In the evenings when it’s dark, I often see long lines of good, innocent people, accompanied by crying children, walking on and on, ordered about by a handful of men who bully and beat them until they nearly drop. No one is spared. The sick, the elderly, children, babies and pregnant women—all are marched to their death.”

Anne Frank Memorial at Remains of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

Anne Frank Memorial at Remains of Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

In popular culture, we prefer to hear of the stories of the few thousands that were rescued of these children, but our conscience cannot bare to look at the 1.5 million children who were murdered by Nazis. We make this mistake at the peril of allowing history to repeat.

Yet even this horror of murdering 1.5 million children was not enough for the Nazis, whose war on children continues today.

After the defeat of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi ideology has continued to live on among Nazi white supremacist groups throughout Europe, the United States of America, and around the world. These advocates of this absolute evil use the “normalization” by those who no longer remember such Nazi atrocities against children to deny that such crimes against humanity exist. They leverage the effort by those who portray their Nazi racist idols with “gentler” views as “humane” or “comic” views, not as the monsters that who murdered such helpless children.

This “normalization” process of Nazis as something other than immoral terrorists against humanity aids in the Nazi ongoing recruitment effort, helping them make Nazism more “acceptable” in twisting the minds of young people to accept their racist, white supremacist goals. Combined with the global ability of collaboration through the Internet’s World Wide Web, Nazi recruitment has resurfaced in the 21st century, especially in the past 10 years.

The deliberate failure of unquestioning moral condemnation to such immoral Evil being taught to new generations has led to more killings of our children, as well as Nazis teaching indoctrinated children to be killers.

Last year, in April 2014, one such Nazi in the United States of America shouted “Heil Hitler,” after he murdered a 14-year old little boy in Kansas City. The child victim of the Nazi terrorist attack was a Boy Scout named Reat Griffin Underwood. It would have been his birthday in May. He would have turned 15 years old. But an American Nazi murdered this child who trying out for a singing role in a play at the Kansas City Jewish Community Center and killed his grandfather, and another woman taking care of her elderly mother.  By the way, this little boy was a Christian.  But Nazi terrorists don’t really care when they murder our children.  All of our children, of all faiths, of all races, are targets for these enemies of humanity.

Kansas City: Boy Scout Reat Griffin Underwood Murdered by Nazi Chanting "Heil Hitler"

Kansas City: Boy Scout Reat Griffin Underwood Murdered by Nazi Who Shouted “Heil Hitler”

This boy’s only goal was to sing, but an American Nazi terrorist silenced his voice forever. You can watch as this child sang the Star Spangled Banner of America, singing of the “Home of the Brave.” But will the American people be brave enough to DEFY Nazis and their terrorist symbols, which have murdered SO MANY CHILDREN?

In Gilbert, Arizona, another child was murdered by a Nazi from the “National Socialist Movement” group (which was part of Confederate Flag protests on July 18, 2015 in Charleston, SC). Nazi terrorist J.T. Ready murdered this 2 year old baby, Lilly Mederos, her mother, and another man. Do we not have the moral integrity to defy and reject those who murder babies and the symbols of their terrorist cause?

Arizona: 2-Year Old Girl Lilly Mederos Murdered by American Nazi

Arizona: 2-Year Old Girl Lilly Mederos Murdered by American Nazi Member of National Socialist Movement

Then there are the children impacted by such continuing terrorist attacks. In Washington DC, at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, we remember the murder of African-American Stephen Tyrone Johns by Nazi James Von Brunn, but his children were left without a father.


In Skokie, Illinois, a 10 year old girl Kelley Byrdsong watched her African-American father get gunned down in the street by a Nazi white supremacist Nathaniel Smith, as part of a racist shooting spree across two states, killing Won Joon Yon, a Korean-American college student on the campus of Indiana University, and wounding six Orthodox Jewish men in nearby West Rogers Park, two African-American men in Springfield, a Taiwanese man in Urbana and another African-American man in Decatur, Illinois.

Illinois: 10-Year Old Kelly Brydsong with Her Father Killed by Nazi White Supremacist in Street

Illinois: 10-Year Old Kelly Brydsong with Her Father – She Saw Her Father Killed by Nazi White Supremacist in Street

In the most recent June 17, 2015 terrorist attack in Charleston, South Carolina, we remember the nine African-American victims of Nazi/Confederate Dylann Roof, but those victims left behind children who lost their fathers and mothers, including Reverend Clementa Pinckney, whose young daughters were hiding under the church bench in Emmanuel AME church, during the Nazi terrorist attack.

Charleston, South Carolina - Clementa Pinkney's Family Mourns their Loss

Charleston, South Carolina – Clementa Pinkney’s Family Mourns their Loss

The “tolerance” and “normalization” of the Nazi ideology and white supremacism has resulted in real victims with names and faces. It is not just some “theoretical” issue, but a human rights issues with tragic consequences that destroy our children’s lives. It is NOT “JUST HISTORY.” When we fail as a society to shame, reject, and denounce the symbols of Nazi terrorism, we see children and their parents DIE.

Nine African-Americans Murdered in Terrorist Attack on Charleston Church by Nazi/Confederate Dylann Roof

Nine African-Americans Murdered in Terrorist Attack on Charleston Church by Nazi/Confederate Dylann Roof

But if there was a fate worse than death, perhaps it is in our society’s silence in defying Nazism and its symbols, so that the the merchants of racist hate can corrupt the minds and the souls of our children.

In R.E.A.L.’s human rights campaign to challenge white supremacy and Nazism, we have seen numerous images of children posing for Nazi campaigns, which we will not share with the public. The images of such children posing to make Nazi salutes is something that should repulse all people of conscience, but due to the years of “normalization,” such Nazi indoctrination of children has continued for decades, idolizing Adolf Hitler. This has included recent reports in Europe of the Nazi Greek “Golden Dawn” society teaching young children to chant “Heil Hitler.”

The corrupted children who are led to believe that Nazism and its symbols are acceptable and good, go on to lead twisted lives that damage themselves and our society.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, this frequently leads to young people who attack people of minority religions and races, such as the young Nazis attacking children in a London synagogue in March 2015.

London Synagogue Under Attack from Nazis Outside the Building

March 2015: Children and Young People in London Synagogue Under Attack from Nazis Outside the Building

In the United States, this also leads to the twisted amalgamation of Nazism and Confederate ideologies, which are used to teach children to hate and commit violence against African-Americans and others. This included those who taught young Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman their Nazi white supremacist ideology, and who then attacked African-American churches, before they were put in prison for a terrorist plot to kill 102 people in church.

Convicted Terrorist Daniel Cowart with Swastika Tattoo - Attacking Christian Churches  (Photo: Inquister)

American Nazi Terrorist Daniel Cowart Attacked African-American Churches, Plotted to Kill 102

We have also seen how such indoctrination taught Dylann Roof to become a terrorist, in his attack on the Charleston, South Carolina church killing 9.

Nazi / Confederate White Supremacist Dylann Roof Killed 9 in Charleston, SC

Nazi / Confederate White Supremacist Dylann Roof Killed 9 in Charleston, SC

There are consequences in our society when we fail to speak out, defy, and reject Nazism and its ideology, and when we allow the “normalization” of Nazi figures like Adolf Hitler and its symbols to be viewed as something other than the Absolute Evil they are. Some think we can reduce the horrors of this by laughing at it, but then as now, those adults who failed to take such terrorist threat seriously let OUR CHILDREN PAY THE PRICE. We can and we MUST do more to protect our children from the Nazi ideology and reject the “normalization” of Nazi figures and symbols as “acceptable.”

Perhaps in a society which increasingly has contempt for human life, these horrors against our children may have limited impact on society. But for those who think we can afford NOT to judge the Nazi ideology of white supremacist hate and its architect Adolf Hitler, as anything less than immoral Evil which must be condemned in every case, I urge them to LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THESE CHILDREN.

Helpless Children Pay the Price for Unwillingness to Defy Nazism

Helpless Children Pay the Price for Unwillingness to Defy Nazism

Can they look into the eyes of these child victims and tell us how we should not be concerned about the racist hate images, ideology, and symbols of Nazism? Can they look into the eyes of these children and tell us that we can “laugh” at “satire” on the immoral monster Adolf Hitler?

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. Can your soul look at the eyes of children murdered by German Nazis and modern Nazis and accept that we must DEFY Nazi white supremacism and its symbols, without question and without exception?

If NOT, we pray for YOUR soul, and that you find your conscience as a human being.

Our relativist society has to learn to SAY “NO” to the enemies of human rights and those who commit atrocities against children. We must, in every case, in every situation, SAY “NO” to the racist and immoral hate images of Adolf Hitler and Nazi white supremacism.

Adults must be responsible to walk up to the face of Evil against our children and our fellow human beings, and stare it straight in the FACE. We must tell the proponents of Evil and their symbols – “HOW DARE YOU.”

Our responsibility for our shared universal human rights is not just only in holding each other’s hands during the good times. Our responsibility for equality and liberty demands that we LOCK ARMS TOGETHER and DEFY SUCH EVIL against human rights – and TELL IT: NO. NOT ONE STEP FURTHER.




We must be responsible for equality and liberty, if not for our own, at least for our children’s sake.