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Pakistan Asia Bibi Execution Stayed – Court to Review

Aasia Bibi, Pakistan Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for "Blasphemy"

Pakistan’s Supreme Court decided today to suspend the execution sentence of Pakistan Christian women Asia Bibi, who was wrongly convicted of blasphemy. The Supreme Court suspended her death sentence until she has the opportunity to appeal her case. She has been “leave to appeal” her conviction of blasphemy.

Her death sentence was confirmed by the High Court in Punjab province in October 2014, and she has been sick, while imprisoned in the Women’s Multan Jail in Punjab. Her attorney has stated that in the past key witnesses failed to show up during hearings by the High Court of Punjab.

She was the first woman given the death penalty for “blasphemy” and she has been imprisoned for five years, while her husband and four children had to go into hiding. Human rights activists around the world have called for her release. Pakistan Christians are regularly oppressed as minorities in Pakistan by those making up charges that they have “blasphemed” the Islamic religion, which results in such Pakistan Christians being arrested, or even killed in the streets by mobs.

BBC reports: “thousands have protested against her and said they would kill her if she were ever released – including the imam in her own village.”

Aasia Bibi, Pakistan Christian Woman Sentenced to Death for "Blasphemy"

Aasia Bibi, Pakistan Christian Woman Death Sentence for “Blasphemy” – Suspended for Now