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UK: Anti-Democracy Leader Anjem Choudary Threats to Woman Muslim MP

In the United Kingdom, anti-democracy leader of the banned group “Islam4UK”  Anjem Choudary has condemned and spoke of threats to the new Muslim woman Member of Parliament (MP) Sayeeda Warsi.

Minister of Parliament Sayeeda Warsi (Photograph: Rex Features)

Minister of Parliament Sayeeda Warsi (Photograph: Rex Features)

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has previously reported on Anjem Choudary’s attacks on democracy, pluralism, and our universal human rights, and his demands for anti-democratic version of Sharia to be imposed on the United Kingdom which would deny democracy and our human rights.

The UK Daily Star reported on Anjem Choudary’s rant against the woman Muslim minister, reporting that Anjem Choudary stated: “Sayeeda Warsi is not a Muslim in my eyes. She may look like a Muslim and have a Muslim-sounding name but she does not ­represent Islam or anyone in this country who is a Muslim. She is a ‘coconut,’ brown on the outside but white on the inside. In fact, she is whiter than most of the other white people in government. How can she be a Muslim and support the military involvement of the British Army in Islamic countries? She is somebody who pretends to be a practising Muslim but, from her views and statements, she is clearly against Sharia. She is a disgrace and many true Muslims are angry that she claims to stand for Islam despite betraying Allah.”

The Daily Star also reports that Anjem Choudary stated that Sayeeda Warsi would be the target of hate, stating: “She will be attacked by eggs every time she goes near a Muslim community. Some more extreme protesters may take the attacks further. There is no doubt she is in danger.”

In regards to an upcoming protest in Belgium, Choudary told the Daily Star “there will be blood on the streets.”

Anjem Choudary of "Islam4UK"

Anjem Choudary of "Islam4UK"

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