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UK: “Students” of Anti-Democracy Extremist Leader Attack UK Legislator George Galloway

Media reports state that “students” of the anti-democracy extremist organization “Islam4UK”  leader Anjem Choudary attacked MP George Galloway’s entourage at a public event.  BBC is reporting that Anjem Choudary claims the report is “fabricated.”  Anjem Choudary has repeatedly called for the end of secular democracy and human rights in the United Kingdom.

BBC reports: George Galloway entourage ‘attacked by Islamic pupils’
— “Mr Galloway’s spokesman said: “There were three characters who were shouting abuse.”
— “‘They were shouting ‘kafir’ [a derogatory word for non-believer], which is very insulting, and that Mr Galloway deserved to die.'”
— “‘They were very aggressive and then they lunged forward towards Mr Galloway. I would certainly consider it an attack.'”
— “The spokesman said that the men barged and pushed other members of the entourage and, had they not been in the way, he believes Mr Galloway would have been assaulted.”
— “He said: ‘It was their intention to have physical contact. Their ire is directed at us because we have Muslims involved in the campaign, and they don’t think Muslims should play a part in democracy.'”
— “Anjem Choudary, ex-leader of Islam4UK, said the claim was ‘fabricated’.”
— “He said the men were his former students who had studied the Islamic religion with him, but refused to say if they were former members of the now-banned Islam4UK group.”

East London Advertiser reports:
— “MP GEORGE Galloway has been attacked by a group he claims were Muslim extremists while election campaigning in East London.”
— “He was with supporters in Shadwell’s Watney Market around 3pm on Saturday when he says he and his Respect party colleagues were abused, then attacked by the group.”
— “‘They called me a filthy Kaffir,’ said Galloway. ‘They shouted that no-one should shake the ‘filthy Kaffir’s hand.'”
— “‘They hate me because I encourage Muslims to vote and take a full part in our society.'”
East London Advertiser also reports:
— “THREE men have been bailed on suspicion of hurling abuse at Respect politician George Galloway as he hit the campaign trail in Shadwell.”
— “The men aged 22, 25 and 27 are all from the Bethnal Green and Shoreditch area and were arrested on Saturday afternoon on suspicion of using threatening words and behaviour and attempting to lunge at Mr Galloway at Watney Market. They have been bailed until May.”
— “Trio bailed after ‘abuse attack’ on Galloway”
— “He believed the men the men were shouting insults to deter people from voting because they are opposed to the political process.”

Anjem Choudary of "Islam4UK"

Anjem Choudary of Anti-Democracy Group "Islam4UK"

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