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Dallas, Texas: “Westboro Baptist Church hate group at area Dallas schools”

Dallas Education News Examiner reports:

— “‘Obama is the Anti-Christ’ is what one poster reads on the lawn of Skyline High School this morning. Another reads ‘God Hates Fagots’, along with several other mean spirited and discriminating signs.”

— “The group of half a dozen people, including what appears to be two school-age children, are members of Westboro Baptist Church. Apparently, the congregation is incensed with the Obama Administration for their proposed education reform initiatives and have a strong hatred or disdain for gay individuals. The hate is so evident that one can look at the name of their website,, for confirmation of their vile hatred of gay individuals.”

— “According to their website, the group is scheduled to also picket in front of North Dallas High School today as well. The group has shared no rhyme or reason as to why they have selected these schools.”

— “The Skyline High School administration was aware of the picket and had secured strong police presence beforehand.”

— “Granted, the group is exercising their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly, it is just disheartening to see a group expelling such strong hatred with diabolical attitudes. Can we imagine, what it must have been like for previous hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, rallying outside of Cinncinatti in the 80’s?”

— “However, this group assembling represents an underlying and more troubling issue. An issue of intolerance and anti-nationalists sentiment that seems to be growing in this new era of ‘change’ “