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Communist China: Laogai Research Foundation New Report on Forced Labor

From the Laogai Research Foundation Website and Press Release

LRF Releases Report on Laogai Enterprise Advertisements

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Today, Laogai Research Foundation released its latest report: “Not for Sale: Advertising Forced Labor Products for Illegal Export.” This current report expands on LRF’s previous works, Laogai Handbook: 2007-2008 and “Laogai Forced Labor Camps Listed in Dun & Bradstreet Databases.” Our Laogai Handbook lists all known Laogai camps in China and the “Laogai Forced Labor Camps Listed in Dun & Bradstreet Databases” report details 314 entries for Laogai enterprises in the international business database Dun and Bradstreet. Our key findings in this current report include:

• Over 100 Laogai enterprises are advertising or are listed in English on the Internet, suggesting the intent to export Laogai products to international markets, including the U.S.
• In many cases, Laogai enterprises are actively requesting to be listed on international trade sites
• Several of the listing sites translate enterprise entries into multiple European languages
• The Chinese government actively promotes the trade of Laogai products, illegal under Chinese export regulations, through listings on China Commodity Net, a Chinese government sponsored website

(Click the report cover on the right to download the whole report (PDF))

Read the latest on the report launch from Deutsche Presse Agentur:  “China is still marketing for export products made by forced labour in prisons, nearly 20 years after such exports were first exposed, the US-based Laogai Research Foundation said on Thursday. A survey by the foundation found 120 English-language online advertisements marketing enterprises with known connections to China’s penal system.”(Read more)