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Virginia: Westin Stands Up for Human Rights and Diversity – White Nationalist Conference Canceled There

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has been advised by the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel tonight that the conference scheduled by “white nationalist” group New Century Foundation / American Renaissance has been canceled at their hotel.  We believe in and support freedom of assembly.   Our goal in educating the public on the ideology of the American Renaissance (AR) has always been so that the American people can honestly and objectively assess for themselves what the AR conference is seeking to accomplish.

R.E.A.L. applauds the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel and Starwood Hotels on their commitment to diversity, and their principled stand on respecting the human dignity and human rights of all of their customers.  We urge you to contact the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel and let them know how much you appreciate their stand.  While our request was to have an area to provide a counter-message of racial diversity and harmony at the Westin, we understand their decision on the American Renaissance conference and their public relations with their customers.

Westin Washington Dulles Hotel, 2520 Wasser Terrace, Herndon, Virginia 20171 (Photo: Google Maps)

Westin Washington Dulles Hotel Stands Tall Against Hate

The “white nationalist” group New Century Foundation / American Renaissance is on the list of “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and is described as “white supremacist” by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  It has been tracked by law enforcement agencies.

R.E.A.L. reported in November 2009 that the Dulles Marriott canceled American Renaissance’s planned conference, after we told them what the American Renaissance organization was.   Now once again in January 2010, we have had discussions with the Dulles Westin on American Renaissance, and once again another reputable hotel has canceled the American Renaissance “white nationalist” conference from being held at their hotel.

In both cases, American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor has used the 501(c)3 parent company “New Century Foundation” in communication with these hotels.  It is not as well-known that New Century Foundation hosts both the American Renaissance “white nationalist” web site and conferences, where white supremacists, Neo-Nazi Stormfront, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and British Holocaust Denier Nick Griffin have attended.  American Renaissance has planned to have Nick Griffin as their speaker at the 2010 American Renaissance conference; Nick Griffin has called the Holocaust the “Holohoax.”

Both David Duke and Nick Griffin appeared at a previous white supremacist conference that was attended by white supremacist terrorist James Von Brunn who killed black security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC in June 2009.  Stormfront organization members have recently been eulogizing Von Brunn’s recent death, and defending Von Brunn’s terrorist actions in Washington DC.

We expect “white nationalist” group New Century Foundation / American Renaissance to attempt to reschedule their Northern Virginia event at other Dulles airport area hotels.   We urge such other hotels to follow the example of the Dulles Marriott and the Dulles Westin in considering the ethical costs that would be associated with white supremacist conferences.  Hate hurts us all.

Moreover, American Renaissance’s leader Jared Taylor has openly stated that the upcoming conference will mock diversity “It is the idea of 300 of us all in the same room, laughing openly at the idea that  diversity is a strength, that is more than the hypocrites who run the country can stand.”  We urge other area hotel leaders who might be reading this – don’t let your hotel be used to host hate and to mock our very principles of human equality.  Tell “white nationalist” group New Century Foundation / American Renaissance that there is no room for hate in the Washington DC metropolitan area and suburbs.

We support our unqualified, universal human rights for all.  We urge white supremacist and “white nationalist” supporters to drop the burden of the hate of supremacism from their hearts, and to rejoin the family of humanity in support of our universal human rights.

Choose Love, Not Hate.


The American Renaissance / New Century Foundation website provides a cacophony of White Supremacist hate commentaries mocking Black Americans based on their IQ, arguing that the genetics of Black Americans make them intellectually inferior, and railing against “the color of crime” with comments attacking Blacks and Hispanic individuals.  It warns its readers about “Transition to Black Rule” and attacks Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s focus is exclusively on a white supremacist perspective on race with books and articles entitled: “Why Race Matters,”  “Racial Heresies of the 21st Century,” and “Race and the American Prospect.”

Web Image from "White Nationalist" Hate Group American Renaissance

Web Image from "White Nationalist" Hate Group American Renaissance

Both the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have background on the racist and white supremacist views of American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor.  The SPLC describes both the American Renaissance and the New Century Foundation groups as “white nationalist” “hate groups.” Jared Taylor promotes racial segregation, and as ADL states, “promotes pseudoscientific studies that attempt to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites and publishes articles on the supposed decline of American society because of integrationist social policies.”

Jared Taylor’s New Century Foundation describes itself as “a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 to study immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America’s increasing diversity. It sponsors publications and books, and holds occasional conferences.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports on the “New Century Foundation”  and “American Renaissance” as follows:
— “Jared Taylor, the man who heads the New Century Foundation and edits its allied magazine American Renaissance, is a white supremacist who celebrates the “clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites.” The foundation and magazine, based in Oakton, Va., tirelessly advance pseudo-scientific theories linking IQ to race and advocate eugenics — selective breeding to ‘improve’ human genetic stock.”
— “The foundation also puts on bi-annual conferences; the 2002 event was advertised like this: ‘In all parts of the world, whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests. The costs of ‘diversity,’ racial differences in IQ, the threat of non-white immigration — politicians and the media are afraid to discuss what these things mean for whites and their civilization.’ ”
— “Taylor also has noted approvingly that until 1967, ‘strong opposition to mixed marriage was enshrined in law’ in 16 states. In ‘The Myth of Diversity,’ Taylor writes that ‘diversity’ has led to civil rights claims by all kinds of groups he doesn’t like. “Anyone who opposes the glorification of the alien, the subnormal, and the inferior can be denounced,’ he complains. ‘The metastasis of diversity is a fascinating story, but the disease began with race.’ ”
— “After 300 pages of attacking blacks and dismissing white racism, Taylor’s 1992 book Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America notes that most Americans would not agree to use sterilization or forced abortion on those whom the society considers less fit. His solution? Make ‘welfare mothers’ accept a ‘five-year implantable contraceptive.’ ”
— “Taylor is allied with Wayne Lutton, whom he thanks in his book and who is the editor of The Social Contract, a journal published by John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press*. Taylor, Lutton and Richard Lynn are on the editorial board of The Occidental Quarterly, a journal where Sam Francis, top editor for the racist Council of Conservative Citizens*, serves as book review editor. The Occidental Quarterly’s first issue featured a story by the late Keith Stimely, who was also an editor of the Journal of Historical Review, a notorious Holocaust denial publication.”

White nationalist Jared Taylor, who is also promoted by VDARE, was a key speaker at the 2009 Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) national convention. (R.E.A.L. held a protest at a VDARE event in Baltimore, Maryland in October 2009, and at a VDARE event in McLean, Virginia in June 2009.) Jared Taylor has also blamed the 9/11 attacks on America as well, spreading hate after the 9/11 attacks stating “If we go to war, it will not be because we are the land of freedom and opportunity, but because we are the best friend and benefactor of Israel… If we fight Israel’s enemies, the United States will become like Israel: a garrison state and battleground.”

In addition to “white nationalist” Jared Taylor, other speakers scheduled to appear at the February 19-21 American Renaissance/New Century Foundation conference in Virginia include:

Nick Griffin, leader of the racist British National Party, who has appeared at America white supremacist events, and has a history of Holocaust denial, calling the Holocaust the “Holohoax.” Griffin has been photographed with former KKK leader David Duke; the white supremacist event that Griffin was also attended by U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum terrorist Von Brunn (praised by VDARE as “an intelligent man”).  Nick Griffin also has praised the racial segregationist views of the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

Dan Roodt, South African Apartheid Apologist

— Craig Bodeker – creator of film “A Conversation about Race” which argues that racism is merely a concern to suppress whites, and who reportedly has a history of slurs against blacks and others

University of Delaware’s Raymond Wolters – author of “The Burden of Brown,” which argues against school racial desegregation, and who has told VDARE about his views of the natural IQ limitations of blacks.

— Wayne Lutton – who ADL states that “Lutton is a director on the board of the Charles Martel Society, which publishes the racist Occidental Quarterly (OQ) journal and the anti-Semitic Occidental Observer online magazine

— Sam G. Dickson – who is reportedly on the editorial board of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), who describes himself as a supporter of “American racial nationalism”

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