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Reply To American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor – February 19, 12 Noon, Columbia Heights

Update: American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor has backed down on his “challenge” (and continues to email us with even more excuses) to debate us on human rights, and is apparently unwilling to meet in the public arena.  Apparently, Jared Taylor did not expect that we would take him up on his challenge.

We have invited Mr. Taylor and the general public to our outdoor public event at Columbia Heights in Washington DC. The R.E.A.L. public event is on Friday, February 19 at 12 noon.

The American Renaissance conference begins on Saturday February 20; according to the AmRen website, “the program will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m” on Saturday February 20.   But American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor states that because there will be hotel registration on Friday night, beginning at 5 PM, he is now unable to speak at 12 noon on February 19, and his other excuse is that “Your event will not be an opportunity to have a proper debate, as you well know.”

Those of us with Responsible for Equality And Liberty have the courage of our convictions, and we demonstrate that courage publicly.

We support our unqualified, universal human rights for all.  We urge white supremacist and “white nationalist” supporters to drop the burden of the hate of supremacism from their hearts, and to rejoin the family of humanity in support of our universal human rights.

Choose Love, Not Hate.


Mr. Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance organization –
Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  R.E.A.L. and our supporters have frequent public events. For example, yesterday I was busy with a Chinese freedom group opposing Communist totalitarian hate. Our organization focuses on numerous threats to our universal human rights, including our promotion of racial harmony and our defiance of racial supremacism. But I wanted to take time to reply to you today.

I believe that you confuse the idea that your freedom of speech to promote “white nationalism,” does not give me the freedom of speech to tell others, including hotels and commercial organizations, what your ideology represents and share what your own website says with others.  Our freedoms are not mutually exclusive, however inconvenient that may be for your efforts at planning secret conferences.

You believe that human diversity as a strength should be mocked; this is a point that you made in your VDARE announcement of your planned American Renaissance conference.  American Renaissance has a history of articles that belittle the innate intelligence and human dignity of black Americans.  These are choices that you and your supporters at American Renaissance have made.  These are positions that you publicly espouse and promote.  Our rights and our positions also come with consequences.  The reason that your events were canceled at the Dulles Marriott and the Washington Dulles Westin have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you and your American Renaissance’s publicly stated positions.  They weren’t assessing what I told them, they were assessing what you and your supporters have told the world.  They found your views so hateful that they could not accept your money.

You want to have it both ways.  You want to say that you are seeking to promote your ideas with the public, just until companies where you seek to host events find out about the same ideas that you claim you want to promote.  In fact, if AmRen had been successful, the hotels you booked conferences at would already know your positions.  The truth is you don’t want them to know.  The fact is that it is only by concealing the racial supremacist hate that is represented at your conferences that you even have a chance of holding them.

Even now, you are afraid to state where you will move the AmRen 2010 event to.  This is because the truth is you really don’t have the courage of your convictions.  You claim to seek a public debate even while you doggedly seek to keep your planned location of the AmRen 2010 event a secret.  What are you afraid of?

As for Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.), we stand by the courage of our convictions.  We have public events and we announce the location to the world.  We don’t hide in secret conference rooms, or sulk around with pseudonyms or as you say on your website “nom de guerre.”  We don’t fight a war of ideas in the shadows, but we struggle for universal human rights in broad daylight with our own names and in the public.

That is what it means to be responsible for equality and liberty.

Therefore, we have public events, where we announce our location and provide directions.  We fear no evil.  That too is what it means to be responsible for equality and liberty.   In fact, while we have attended and held events at the Press Club, our preference is to have direct contact with the American public.  This is why the overwhelming majority of our events have been on the public streets, in Georgetown, at the Lincoln Memorial, at the Capitol, at the Washington Monument, and in street corners and sidewalks around the United States and in Europe.

One of those public events will be held on the street at 1355 Kenyon Street, NW, Washington DC on February 19 at 12 noon, at a park area on the corner of 14th Street NW, Park Avenue NW, and Kenyon Street NW.   It is a few blocks away from the Columbia Heights metro stop.  I have provided you with our public notice on this to the world below.  R.E.A.L. will be addressing the challenge of racial supremacism and why we must choose love, not hate.  We will also be urging the public to protest your American Renaissance conference.  The public is invited to participate in all of our public events.

So if you have something that you want to say to the American public, you are welcome to meet me on February 19 at 12 noon at the R.E.A.L. public awareness event below.

In addition, you can be certain we will also have an event on April 4, 2010 (like we did last year) which will likely be at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool Steps where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, gave his speech “I Have A Dream.”

While Dr. King had a dream, R.E.A.L. understands that we have a responsibility.  That is why we are – Responsible for Equality And Liberty.

Choose Love, Not Hate.  Love Wins.

Yours in Equality and Liberty,

Jeffrey Imm

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