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Malaysia State Committee Head Says Muslim Men Entitled to Four Wives

New Strait Times – “Marriage plan won’t work”: “Wan Ubaidah Omar, the Women, Family and Health Committee chairman in Kelantan, made her attention-grabbing suggestion at the Kelantan assembly for men to be given awards for increasing their quota. Incidentally, quota is her definition for Muslim men’s religious entitlement to four wives.”
— “Unsurprisingly, all who agreed with her were men.”
— “It is a fact that there is an inordinately high divorce rate among Muslim men when compared with the other races.”
— “The reason for this is the Muslim man’s unilateral right to divorce his wife at will and for any reason. His right, as far as he is concerned, is to have four wives, to demand obedience, to beat his wife, to have sex on demand and to divorce his wife at will.”