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UK: “Honor killing girl ‘wanted love'” — Tulay Goren trial – reportedly tortured by father before killed

— BBC: “Honour killing girl ‘wanted love'”

— “A teenager allegedly murdered by her father in a so-called ‘honour killing’ hated her family and wanted to run away, a court has heard.
— “Tulay Goren, 15, a Kurdish Turk from Woodford Green, north London, vanished in 1999 and her body has never been found, the Old Bailey has been told.”
— “Her boyfriend at the time, Halil Unal, 41, told the jury she said she wanted ‘a man who will love me and marry me'”
— “He recalled the time he met Tulay at Stratford bus station, in east London after she had been beaten.”
— “‘I saw that she had bruising to her eye. She told me that her father tortured her and beat her and that her uncle Cuma was pressuring her.'”
— “Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting, said Tulay was killed ‘to restore the so-called honour’ of the family, who originate from Turkey.”
— “The court heard Mr Unal was brought up as a Sunni Muslim while the Gorens were from the Alevi branch of the faith.”

— BBC reports: “He added: ‘In our honour customs, they are either going to finish off, kill the girl, or they are going to kill both of them. That is definite.'”

— BBC reports:
“The prosecution says Tulay was killed ‘to restore the so-called honour’ of the family, as a relationship between she and Mr Unal – who are from different sects of Islam – ‘would not have been tolerated'”

— Daily Mail: “Schoolgirl ‘was tortured by her father’ before she was murdered in honour killing”

Women in Alevism
— “According to Australian anthropologist Dr. Sevgi Kilic, while Alevi women do not experience gender segregation in the private and public domain they are subject to traditional male values about women’s sexuality and constructed within the honour/shame paradigm”