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Michigan: Burning cross found in Oakland County yard

Michigan: Burning cross found in Oakland County yard
Michigan Messenger reports:
— “An African-American family in Oakland County found a burning cross in their yard”
— “Though burning crosses was an act of racist intimidation more common in the south, Michigan also has a long and disturbing history of white supremacist organizations. For decades until his death, Robert Miles led the Michigan chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and his farm was a center of racist activity for the state and the entire nation.”
— “The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 23 hate groups in Michigan, most of them classified as white supremacist or neo-Nazi groups. The election of the nation’s first black president has spurred renewed activity in this dark underbelly of America, including a new white supremacist group operating recently in West Michigan.”

Detroit Free Press: “Black family finds burnt cross on lawn”