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Saudi religious police blamed in ‘honour’ killing of sisters

Saudi religious police blamed in ‘honour’ killing of sisters
AFP reports: “The Society for Defending Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia said the religious police had placed the sisters’ lives in danger when they arrested them and then placed them in a Riyadh women’s shelter”
— “the society blamed the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, or the religious police, for sparking the brother’s anger over his family’s honour by arresting the girls in the first place.”
— “‘The hands of the religious police, as well as the brother’s hands, are stained with the blood of these  innocent young women,’ the group said in a statement.”
— “Under Saudi Arabia’s Islamic sharia legal code, unrelated men and women are not allowed to mix together, and the religious police actively enforce the rules by patrolling areas frequented by young people”