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Maldives: Woman gets 100 lashes in public, house arrest in Sharia punishment – govt says Maldives too “squeamish” for other Sharia penalties

(Maldives) Woman faints after 100 lashes, says judge
— “An 18-year-old woman was flogged in public outside the Justice Building and sentenced to a year of house
arrest today for having extra-marital sex.
— ” The woman received 100 lashes after confessing to having extra-marital sex with two men on separate occasions earlier this year”

Amnesty calls for moratorium on flogging
— Faiz’s comments came in response to news of an 18-year-old woman who was publicly flogged last week for extra-marital sex.”
— “She was sentenced to 100 lashes and a year of house arrest after confessing to having sex with two men on separate occasions.”
Maldives “Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed said Sharia has only been enforced in the Maldives in theĀ  last 30 to 40 years… In the past, said Shaheed, Maldivians were too ‘squeamish’ to enforce the punishments stipulated in Sharia.