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Egypt: Report Christians Attacked, Building Torched for Seeking to Worship

COMPASS Direct reports: “Egypt  –  Violence Again Erupts over Quest for Worship Site”
— “Two Copts wounded in Minya province over plan to use building as church venue”
— “The recent eruption of sectarian violence in Egypt’s Minya province continued last week as local Christians again faced harsh reprisals from Muslims for trying to convert a building into a worship facility. On July 24 security forces in the village of Hawasliya were able to prevent a crowd of Muslims, which numbered in the hundreds according to some reports, from torching the building. But the mob succeeded in setting fire to four neighboring stables, killing sheep and cows belonging to Copts. During the melee two Copts, including an elderly woman, were wounded. Both received hospital treatment. “When Muslims see that Christians are making a church, they get upset about it,” said Teresa Kamal, a local journalist. ‘Why are people full of hate like this? Something has happened to radicalize the people.'”