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Why It is “Right” to Reject Racism

Racial supremacism is based on one idea: institutionalized hate. Hate has no boundaries of color, no boundaries of ethnicity, no regional boundaries, no religious boundaries, and no political boundaries.

In our political spectrum of ideas, laws, and policies there is nothing inherently oriented with a political spectrum that allows it to accept and promote racial supremacism. There is nothing inherently “right-wing” or “left-wing” about racial supremacism, which is based on institutionalized hate.

But there are some who seem determined to define the “right” as legitimizing, tolerating, and even supporting racial supremacism, and it is past time that others who view themselves as “right-wing” or “conservative” challenge this.

I will point out two such groups that I previously referenced in my May 2009 article on the need to have a human rights priority in defending equality and liberty. Unfortunately, these groups are not the only ones. But for those who are responsible for equality and liberty, it is our responsibility to be consistent in challenging those groups that seek to paint “the right-wing” (or any part of political spectrum) as inherently accepting of racism. We must deny those who seek a political disguise for racial supremacism.

On June 20, 2009, in McLean, Virginia, a group called “The American Cause” held a conference at the Ritz-Carlton. I was there – outside – protesting an individual with an organization called the “VDARE Foundation” who was scheduled to speak at this conference – Peter Brimelow. The VDARE Foundation has been listed as a “white nationalist” hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a designation that Peter Brimelow states that he is “proud” to have.

On the VDARE web site, President Obama has most recently been described as the “Half-Blood Prince” by VDARE author Steven Sailer; Peter Brimelow praises this as part of “Steve’s scholarly interest in racial differences.” VDARE’s Sailer has used the website for a litany of articles regarding race, including articles focusing on issues such as the IQ of black Americans, “white guilt,” “race denial,” endless articles on “minority mortgage meltdown,” “Anti-White Discrimination,” “Anti-White Populism,” and “On What The Census Bureau’s Projected White Minority Will Mean For America.” VDARE’s Sailer has called Barack Obama a “wigger,” and VDARE’s Peter Brimelow calls Sailer a “genius.” VDARE defends “white separatist” Jared Taylor as someone who once would have been “called an American patriot.”

On June 11, 2009, the day after the Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting in Washington DC by accused gunman Von Brunn, VDARE’s Peter Brimelow posted an articlenot condemning the racial and religious hatred documented in Von Brunn’s writings and actions — but condemning those who seek to prevent hate crimes. In Peter Brimelow’s view, “drunk-driving immigrants, especially Mexicans,” are no different than those committing hate crimes based on their institutionalized hate. On June 11, 2009, while many, including Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.), were mourning the death of brave black security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, who died preventing Von Brunn from committing even a greater loss of life at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, VDARE’s Peter Brimelow was only focused on condemning those who seek to prevent future hate crimes.

VDARE’s Peter Brimelow concluded his article by asking: “The real question about the Holocaust Memorial Museum shootings: what drove James von Brunn, by all accounts an intelligent man who served his country honorably in World War II, to this terrible end?”

What type of organization views an individual accused of terrorist murder, with a history of racial supremacism, linked to neo-Nazis, and a history of Holocaust denial — as “an intelligent man” — the very day after his attack on innocent people?

But none of this was enough to discourage “The American Cause” from having VDARE’s Peter Brimelow as a featured speaker at their McLean, Virginia conference.  Not VDARE’s listing as a “white nationalist” “hate group,” not VDARE’s “pride” in that designation, not VDARE’s articles on “white nationalism,” not VDARE’s racial slurs against Barack Obama, not VDARE’s defense of a “white separatist,” and not even when VDARE’s Peter Brimelow states that accused Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter Von Brunn is “an intelligent man.”  “The American Cause” featured Peter Brimelow as a speaker in McLean, Virginia, just 13 miles away from Von Brunn’s terrorist attack on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum ten days earlier.

Moreover, what are elected public officials, such as Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s mayor Louis Barletta doing on the same stage with VDARE’s Peter Brimelow?

To those who want to defend Mr. Brimelow’s agenda as merely challenging illegal immigration, I invite you to see the type of writing and hate on VDARE’s web site. Those of us responsible for equality and liberty must challenge those whose institutionalized hate is the very basis for hate crimes such as the Holocaust Memorial Museum attack on June 10. It is, in fact, the failure to consistently do so and to to implore those who support hate to drop this burden from their hearts and share our love for humanity – that is the real basis for hate crimes. It is all of our responsibility to ask those who would support hate to change their ways, and respect their fellow human beings.

Most of all, for those who view themselves as “right-wing” or “conservative,” there is a responsibility to address this issue from those who seek to define institutionalized hate as “right-wing” when really it is only just hate. We must never allow those who promote institutionalized hate to gain legitimacy as political advocates.

A similar case can be seen in Lawrence Auster’s “View From the Right” (VFR) blog. As I mentioned in my article in May, “nativist” Lawrence Auster is also greatly concerned about the racial dimensions to crime, focusing on “interracial rape,” On his blog postings, Mr. Auster has listed his supporters to include one individual who praises his work along with the American Renaissance and VDARE web sites for its support of “critical thinking.”  (This was posted by Auster himself, not merely a “comments” section.)  Like VDARE, the American Renaissance organization is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  In February 2009, Mr. Auster attended a conference in Baltimore, Maryland called “Preserving Western Civilization,” reportedly modeled after similar conferences by the American Renaissance organization with some speakers that have also reportedly attended American Renaissance conferences.

One of Lawrence Auster’s preoccupations is regarding “Black and other nonwhite violence against whites,” where he has an entire category of articles on topics such as “Black savagery, white acceptance,” and where Lawrence Auster seeks to educate us that “Whites’ mistake is that they think blacks are rational, and so they admit them as equal participants in discussion” (also see article). Lawrence Auster who calls himself a “racialist,” condemns the 1964 Civil Rights Act, stating that “in passing the Act, white America in effect admitted that it was responsible and guilty for black inferiority.”

“Racialist” Lawrence Auster states that he represents a “View From the Right” This week, Mr. Auster’s “View From the Right” condemns that “In Britain, the strong are as cowardly about race as the weak.” It also addresses the recent tragic subway accident in Washington DC.

As many of you know on Monday, June 22, there was tragic subway accident in Washington DC where nine people died, including one of the operators of one of the subway cars. What you probably don’t know (and couldn’t have possibly thought it mattered) was the race of one of the subway car operators in that accident.

But to “racialist” Lawrence Auster it does matter. So the next day (June 23) while the investigation into the tragic accident was just beginning, “racialist” Lawrence Auster already had the answer – a photograph on his VFR blog of the subway operator who died, Jeanice McMillan, showing that she was black with Auster’s comment under her photograph: “Jeanice McMillan – Were standards lowered to hire her?”

As many of you also know, the initial investigation of the accident has shown that the subway operator used the emergency brake, and the train cars were outdated; the investigation is still ongoing. But to the “racialist” crowd, there is always a ready answer to the problems of the world to be found in the institutionalized hatred of racial supremacism.  The bodies of the DC subway crash weren’t even buried, and “racialist” Lawrence Auster already had the answer by blaming a black woman.

Have you read any criticism about either Peter Brimelow’s or Lawrence Auster’s recent comments?   I didn’t think so.

The real question is will conservative and right-wing groups be silent about racial supremacist organizations that seek to portray themselves as the voice of “the right” – or will they reject such groups’ institutionalized hate as something that does not deserve political legitimacy of any kind?

In America today, we need a view from the right that is responsible for equality and liberty and challenges institutionalized hate. We need those who identify themselves as “conservative” and “right-wing” to challenge those who seek to redefine the “right” as promoting “racialism.” It is past time to stop ignoring and starting challenging those who seek to gain political legitimacy for institutionalized hate.

We need a lot more people to actively recognize that it is “right” to reject racism.

Love Wins.